Jody has a real passion for tutoring and sharing her knowledge with others as she has attained her teaching degree. Jody loves to share the tips and tricks that she has learned over the past ten years whilst her teaching degree ensures that she delivers this knowledge and information to the best possible standard. Not only will you learn how to apply a make-up look of your choice, you will also gain a taylored skin regime specific to your skin type. After many years of working with the skin since being a make-up artist, Jody is now a skin aesthetician with a wealth of knowledge on the skin to help you achieve the best base for your make-up.

Jody’s 1-2-1 session covers all aspects of creating flawless skin and perfect makeup application.

Most importantly to any make-up application, we discuss the perfect skin routine for your skin type. Your skin is the canvas, the make-up is the product – If our canvas isn’t prepared then how can we expect flawless results? 

The session will include an explanation and demonstration of makeup on one half of the face by myself while you replicate the look on the other half of the face. Create flattering and stylish make-up looks, learn how to apply make-up with the ultimate staying power and learn about suitable tools and products. The look can be anything you would like to learn – from day makeup to the most ultimate glam makeup and colour combinations.

The session is a two hour appointment. You will receive a print out of all the details, recommended tools and products from your session.

The session may be carried out at my studio or at your home.